Mina böcker


Aaron, Jason - Thor, vol 1: The Goddess of Thunder
Abercrombie, Joe - Half a King
Accardo, Jus - Touch
Accardo, Jus - Toxic
Accardo, Jus - Tremble
Adams, Carolyn Lee - Ruthless
Aguirre, Ann - Enclave
Aguirre, Ann - Outpost
Aguirre, Ann - Horde
Ahdieh, Renee - The Wrath and the Dawn
Ahdieh, Renée - The Rose and the Dagger
Alameda, Courtney - Shutter
Albertalli, Becky - Simon vs. the Homo Sapines Agenda
Albin, Gennifer - Crewel
Albin, Gennifer - Altered
Alighieri, Dante - The Divine Comedy 
Altebrando, Tara - The Leaving
Andersson, Kim W. - Alena
Andersson, Kim W. - Love Hurts
Andersson, Kim W. - Love Hurts 2
Andersson, Kim W. - Astrid 
Anderson, Laurie Halse - Säg Något
Andrews, Jesse - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Angelini, Josephine - Helena
Angelini, Josephine - Hades
Angelini, Josephine - Nemesis
Angelini, Josephine - Trial by Fire
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Half-Blood
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Pure
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Deity
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Elixir
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Apollyon
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Sentinel
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - The Return
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Obsidian
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Onyx
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Opal
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Origin
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Opposition
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Cursed
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - White Hot Kiss
Armentrout, Jennifer L. - Don't Look Back
Armstrong, Kelley -The Summoning
Armstrong, Kelley - The Awakening
Armstrong, Kelley - The Reckoning
Armstrong, Kelley - The Gathering
Armstrong, Kelley - The Calling
Armstrong, Kelley - The Rising
Armstrong, Kelley - Biten
Armstrong, Kelley - Märkt
Armstrong, Kelley - Omens
Armstrong, Kelley - Visions
Armstrong, Kelley - Deceptions
Arnett, Mindee - The Nightmare Affair
Arnett, Mindee - Avalon
Ashton, Brodi - Everneath
Avelynn, Kate - Flawed 
Aveyard, Victoria - Red Queen
Aveyard, Victoria - Glass Sword 
Aveyard, Victoria - King's Cage
Azzarello, Brian - Wonder Woman vol 1: Blood
Azzarello, Brian - Wonder Woman vol 2: Guts


Bachmann, Stefan - A Drop of Night
Balog, Cyn - Unnatural Deeds 
Baker, Chandler - Teen Frankenstein 
Bandeira, Isabel - Bookishly Ever After
Banks, Anna - Of Poseidon
Banks, Anna - Of Triton
Banks, Anna - Of Neptune
Banks, Anna - Nemesis
Bao, Karen - Uppstigandet (inbunden)
Bao, Karen - Uppstigandet (pocket)
Barclay, Linwood - Utan ett ord
Barclay, Linwood - Alltför nära
Barclay, Linwood - Vilseledd
Bardugo, Leigh - Shadow and Bone
Bardugo, Leigh - Siege and Storm
Bardugo, Leigh - Ruin and Rising
Bardugo, Leigh - Six of Crows
Bardugo, Leigh - Crooked Kingdom
Barnard, Sara - Beautiful Broken Things
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn - Raised by Wolves
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn - Trial By Fire 
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn - Taken by Storm
Barres, Pamela Des - Jag är med bandet
Belleza, Rhoda - Empress of a Thousand Skies
Benway, Robin - Emmy & Oliver
Berry, Julie - All the Truth That's In Me
Bickle, Laura - The Hallowed Ones
Bickle, Laura - The Outside
Bilen, Tracy - What She Left Behind
Bishop, Anne - Written In Red
Bishop, Anne - Murder of Crows
Bishop, Anne - Vision in Silver
Bishop, Anne - Marked in Flesh
Bishop, Anne - Etched in Bone
Bjorvand, Agnes-Margrethe & Aisato, Lisa - Astrid Lindgren
Black, Holly - Den Vita Katten
Black, Holly - Den Röda Handsken
Black, Holly - Det Svarta Hjärtat
Black, Holly - The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Black, Holly - The Darkest Part of the Forest
Black, Holly - Doll Bones
Black, Holly & Clare, Cassandra - The Iron Trial
Black, Holly & Clare, Cassandra - The Copper Gauntlet
Blair, Jamie - Leap of Faith
Blake, Elly - Frostblood
Blake, Kendare - Anna Dressed in Blood
Blake, Kendare - Girl of Nightmares
Blake, Kendare - Antigoddess
Blake, Kendare - Mortal Gods
Blake, Kendare - Ungodly
Blake, Kendare - Three Dark Crowns
Blankman, Anne - Prisoner of Night and Fog
Blankman, Anne - Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke
Bond, Gwenda - Fallout
Bond, Gwenda - Double Down
Boorman, Kate A. - Winterkill
Bosworth, Jennifer - Struck
Bow, Erin - The Scorpion Rules
Bow, Erin - The Swan Riders
Bowman, Erin - Taken
Bowman, Erin - Vengeance Road 
Bracken, Alexandra - The Darkest Minds
Bracken, Alexandra - Never Fade
Bracken, Alexandra - In the Afterlight
Bracken, Alexandra - Passenger
Bray, Libba - The Diviners
Brennan, Sarah Rees - Unspoken
Brennan, Sarah Rees - Untold
Brennan, Sarah Rees - Unmade
Brennan, Sarah Rees - Outtalat
Brennan, Sarah Ress - Tell the Wind and Fire
Brockenbrough, Martha - The Game of Love and Death
Brody, Jessica - Unremembered
Bronte, Charlotte - Jane Eyre
Bronte, Emily - Svindlande höjder
Brown, Pierce - Rött uppror (inbunden)
Brown, Pierce - Rött uppror (pocket)
Brown, Pierce - Gyllene Sonen 
Brown, Pierce - Morgonstjärnan
Brunt, Carol Rifka - Tell the Wolves I'm home
Byrne, Tanya - Heart-Shaped Bruise


Cameron, Sharon - Rook
Card, Orson Scott - Ender's Game 
Carey, Anna - Eve
Carey, Anna - Once
Carey, Anna - Rise 
Carey, M.R. - The Girl with All the Gifts
Carey, M.R. - Fellside
Carroll, Emily - Through the Night
Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Carson, Rae - The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Carson, Rae - The Crown of Embers
Carson, Rae - The Bitter Kingdom 
Carson, Rae - Walk on Earth a Stranger  
Carter, Aimee - Pawn
Carter, Ally - I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You
Carter, Ally -Cross My Heart & Hope To Spy
Carter, Ally - Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover
Carter, Ally - Only The Good Spy Young
Carter, Ally - Out of Sight, Out of Time
Carter, Ally - United We Spy
Carter, Ally - Heist Society
Carter, Ally - Uncommon Criminals
Carter, Ally - Perfect Scoundrels 
Carter, Ally - All Fall Down
Cashore, Kristin - Tankeläsaren
Cashore, Kristin - Monstrets Dotter
Cass, Kiera - The Selection
Cass, Kiera - The Elite
Cass, Kiera - The One
Cass, Kiera - The Heir 
Cass, Kiera - The Crown
Cast, P.C. & Cast, Kristin - Vampyrens märke
Cast, P.C. & Cast, Kristin -Sveket
Cast, P.C. & Cast, Kristin -Utvald
Cast, P.C. & Cast, Kristin - Svart ängel 
Cast, P.C. & Cast, Kristin - Jagad 
Cast, P.C. & Cast, Kristin - Frestad
Cast, P.C. & Cast, Kristin -Bränd
Cederlund, Charlotte - Middagsmörker
Cederlund, Charlotte - Gryningsstjärna
Chbosky, Stephen - The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Chee, Traci - The Reader
Childs, Tera Lynn - Sweet Venom
Childs, Tera Lynn - Sweet Shadows 
Childs, Tera Lynn - Sweet Legacy 
Childs, Tera Lynn & Deebs, Tracy - Powerless
Childs, Tera Lynn & Deebs, Tracy - Relentless

Chima, Cinda Williams - The Warrior Heir
Chima, Cinda Williams - The Wizard Heir
Chima, Cinda Williams -  The Dragon Heir
Chima, Cinda Williams - The Demon King
Chima, Cinda Williams - The Exiled Queen
Chima, Cinda Williams - The Gray Wolf Throne
Chima, Cinda Williams - The Crimson Crown
Chima, Cinda Williams - Flamecaster
Chokshi, Roshani - The Star-Touched Queen
Clare, Cassandra - Clockwork Angel 
Clare, Cassandra - Clockwork Prince
Clare, Cassandra - Clockwork Princess
Clare, Cassandra - City of Bones
Clare, Cassandra - City of Ashes
Clare, Cassandra - City of Glass
Clare, Cassandra - City of Fallen Angels
Clare, Cassandra - City of Lost Souls
Clare, Cassandra - City of Heavenly Fire
Clare, Cassandra - Lady Midnight
Clare, Cassandra, Brennan, Sarah Rees & Johnson, Maureen - The Bane Chronicles
Clare, Cassandra, Brennan, Johnson & Wasserman - Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Clayton, Colleen - What Happens Next
Clayton, Marie - John Lennon
Cline, Ernest - Ready Player One
Cluess, Jessica - A Shadow Bright and Burning
Coben, Harlan - Spelaren 
Coben, Harlan - Mästaren 
Coben, Harlan - Rivalen
Coben, Harlan -Försvunnen
Coben, Harlan - Berätta inte för någon
Coben, Harlan - Borta för alltid
Coben, Harlan - Ingen andra chans 
Coben, Harlan - Ett enda ögonblick
Coben, Harlan - Den oskyldige 
Coben, Harlan - Den enda lögnen
Coben, Harlan - Släpp inte taget 
Coben, Harlan - För evigt dömd 
Cohn, Rachel & Levithan, David - Dash & Lilys utmaningsbok
Cokal, Susann - The Kingdom of Little Wounds
Cole, Kresley - Poison Princess
Cole, Kresley - Endless Knight
Cole, Kresley - Dead of Winter 
Coley, Liz - Pretty Girl Thirteen
Colfer, Chris - The Wishing Spell
Colfer, Chris - The Enchantress Returns
Colfer, Chris - A Grimm Warning
Colfer, Chris - Beyond the Kingdoms 
Colfer, Eoin - Iron Man: The Gauntlet
Collins, Suzanne - The Hunger Games
Collins, Suzanne - Catching Fire
Collins, Suzanne - Mockingjay
Collins, Suzanne - Hungerspelen - trilogin
Conner, Amanda - Harley Quinn, vol 1: Hot in the City
Conner, Amanda - Harley Quinn, vol 2: Power Outrage
Cooper, Teresa - Inspärrad
Cordova, Zoraida - Labyrinth Lost
Cornwell, Betsy - Mechanica
Cotugno, Katie - 99 Days
Coulthurst, Audrey - Of Fire and Stars

Cowell, Cressida - How to Train Your Dragon
Creagh, Kelly - Nevermore
Creagh, Kelly - Enshadowed 
Creagh, Kelly - Oblivion
Cremer, Andrea - Nightshade
Cremer, Andrea - Wolfsbane
Cremer, Andrea - Bloodrose
Cremer, Andrea - Snakeroot 
Crewe, Eliza - Cracked
Crewe, Megan - The Way We Fall
Cronin, Justin - The Twelve
Crossan, Sarah - Vi är en
Crusie, Jennifer - Aldrig mer 
Crusie, Jennifer - Kär och Galen
Crusie, Jennifer - Syndens näste
Crusie, Jennifer - Fula fiskar
Crusie, Jennifer - Ska vi slå vad?
Cruz, Melissa de la - The Isle of the Lost
Cruz, Melissa de la - Return to the Isle of the Lost 
Cummings, Lindsay - The Murder Complex
Cummings, Lindsay - The Death Code
Cummings, Lindsay - The Fires of Calderon
Cypess, Leah - Death Sworn


Danforth, Emily M. - The Miseducation of Cameron Post
Darrows, Eva - The Awesome
Dashner, James - The Maze Runner
Dashner, James - The Scorch Trials
Dashner, James - The Death Cure
Dashner, James - The Kill Order
Dashner, James - The Fever Code
Dashner, James - The Eye of Minds
Dean, Carolee - Take Me There
DeAngelis, Camille - Bones & All
Dellaira, Ava - Love Letters to the Dead
Delong, Candice - Kvinna och FBIagent
Demetrios, Heather - Something Real
Demetrios, Heather - I'll Meet You There
Dennard, Susan - Something Strange and Deadly
Dennard, Susan - A Darkness Strange and Lovely
Dennard, Susan - Strange and Ever After 
Dennard, Susan - Truthwitch 
Dennard, Susan - Windwitch
Derting, Kimberly - The Body Finder
Derting, Kimberly - Desires of the Dead
Derting, Kimberly - The Last Echo
Derting, Kimberly - Dead Silence
Dessen, Sarah - This Lullaby
Dessen, Sarah -  The Truth About Forever
Dessen, Sarah - Just Listen
Dessen, Sarah - Mycket mer än så
DeStefano, Lauren - Wither
DeStefano, Lauren - Fever
DeStefano, Lauren - Sever 
DeStefano, Lauren - Perfect Ruin
DeStefano, Lauren - Burning Kingdoms
DeStefano, Lauren - A Curious Tale of the In-Between
Dickens, Charles - Historien om två städer
Dostojevskij, Fjodor - Brott och straff del 1
Dostojevskij, Fjodor - Brott och straff del 2
Du Maurier, Daphne - Rebecca
Du Maurier, Daphne - Fåglarna och andra noveller
Durst, Sarah Beth - Enchanted Ivy
Durst, Sarah Beth - Drink, Slay, Love
Durst, Sarah Beth - Conjured
Durst, Sarah Beth - Chasing Power
Durst, Sarah Beth - The Queen of Blood


Elston, Ashley - This is Our Story
Estep, Jennifer - Touch of Frost
Estep, Jennifer - Kiss of Frost
Estep, Jennifer - Dark Frost 
Estep, Jennifer - Crimson Frost
Estep, Jennifer - Midnight Frost 
Estep, Jennifer - Killer Frost 
Estep, Jennifer - Cold Burn of Magic
Estep, Jennifer - Dark Heart of Magic
Estep, Jennifer - Bright Blaze of Magic
Everett, Mikaela - The Unquiet

Fine, Sarah - Sanctum
Fine, Sarah - The Impostor Queen
Fine, Sarah - The Cursed Queen
Fisher, Catherine - Incarceron 
Fitzpatrick, Becca - Hush, Hush
Fitzpatrick, Becca - Crescendo
Fitzpatrick, Becca - Silence
Fitzpatrick, Huntley - What I Thought Was True
Flynn, Gillian - Gone Girl
Forster, Miriam - City of a Thousand Dolls 
Fowley-Doyle, Moira - The Accident Season 
French, Nicci - De levandes rike
Frigren, Magic - Magikonsult
Friesner, Esther M. - Deception's Princess
Fuller, Tara - Inbetween


Gaiman, Neil - Neverwhere
Garber, Stephanie - Caraval
Garcia, Kami - Unbreakable
Garcia, Kami - Unmarked
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret - Beautiful Creatures
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret - Beautiful Darkness
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret - Beautiful Chaos
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret - Beautiful Redemption
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret - Dangerous Creatures
Gardner, Lisa -En ond man
Gardner, Lisa - Det tredje offret
Gardner, Lisa - Dödens timma
Gardner, Lisa - De överlevande
Gerritsen, Tess -Dödens väntrum
Gerritsen, Tess -Blint raseri
Gerritsen, Tess -Dubbelgångare
Gerritsen, Tess - Skendöd
Gier, Kerstin - Ruby Red
Gier, Kerstin - Sapphire Blue
Gier, Kerstin - Emerald Green
Gier, Kerstin - Dream a Little Dream
Gier, Kerstin - Dream On
Gillen, Kieron - The Wicked + The Divine, vol 1: The Faust Act
Glass, Adam - Suicide Squad, vol 1: Kicked in the Teeth
Glass, Adam - Suicide Squad, vol 2: Basilisk Rising
Glass, Cathy - Skadad
Goodman, Alison - Eon
Goodman, Alison - Eona
Goodman, Alison - The Dark Days Club
Grant, Michael - Gone
Grant, Michael - Hunger
Grant, Michael - Lies
Grant, Michael - Plague
Grant, Michael - Fear
Grant, Michael - Light
Grant - Michael - Front Lines 
Grant, Michael - Silver Stars 
Gratton, Tessa - Blodsmagi
Gratton, Tessa - The Lost Sun
Graudin, Ryan - Wolf by Wolf
Green, Jane - I valet och kvalet
Green, Jane - Mellan raderna
Green, Jane - Ärligt talat
Green, Jane -  Trollbunden
Green, Jane - I dina kläder
Green, John - Looking for Alaska
Green, John - The Fault in Our Stars
Green, John - An Abundance of Katherines
Green, John & Levithan, David - Will Grayson, Will Grayson 
Green, John - Paper Towns
Green, Sally - Half Bad
Green, Sally - Half Wild
Green, Sally - Half Lost
Greig, Charlotte - Seriemördare: Hur blev de sådana monster?
Grey, Melissa - The Girl at Midnight
Griffin, Bethany - Masque of the Red Death
Griffin, Bethany - Dance of the Red Death 
Griffin, Bethany - The Fall
Gripe, Maria - Glasblåsarns barn
Gripe, Maria - Pappa Pellerins Dotter
Grisham, John - Firman
Grisham, John - Pelikanfallet
Grisham, John - Klienten
Grogan, John - Marley och jag
Guilin, Peadar O. - The Call


Haas, Abigail - Dangerous Girls
Haas, Abigail - Dangerous Boys
Habel, Lia - Dearly, Departed
Hall, Maggie - The Conspiracy of Us
Hamilton, Alwyn - Rebel of the Sands
Hamilton, Alwyn - Traitor to the Throne
Han, Jenny - To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Han, Jenny - P.S. I Still Love You
Han, Jenny & Vivian, Siobhan - Burn for Burn
Hand, Cynthia - Unearthly
Hand, Cynthia - Hallowed
Hand, Cynthia, Ashton, Brody & Meadows, Jodi - My Lady Jane
Hardinge, Frances - The Lie Tree
Hardwicke, Catherine - Twilight: bakom kulisserna
Harrington, Hannah - Tyst
Hartman, Rachel - Seraphina
Hathaway, Jill - Slide 
Hathaway, Jill - Imposter
Hawkins, Rachel - Hex Hall
Hawkins, Rachel - Demonglass
Hawkins, Rachel - Spell Bound
Hawkins, Rachel - School Spirits
Hawkins, Rachel - Rebel Belle 
Hawkins, Rachel - Miss Mayhem
Hawkins, Rachel - Lady Renegades 
Hayes, Gwen - Falling Under 
Headley, Maria Dahvana - Magonia
Henry, April - The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die
Henry, Emily - The Love That Split the World
Herman, Eleanor - Legacy of Kings
Hightower, Lynn S. - Ögonvittne
Hoag, Tami - Tunn mörk gräns
Hoag, Tami - Ondskans ansikte
Hodge, Rosamund - Cruel Beauty 
Hodge, Rosamund - Crimson Bound
Hodge, Rosamund, Bright Smoke, Cold Fire
Hodkin, Michelle - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Hodkin, Michelle - The Evolution of Mara Dyer
Hodkin, Michelle - The Retribution of Mara Dyer 
Hoffmann, Jilliane - Öga för öga
Hoover, Colleen - Slammed
Hoover, Colleen - Hopeless
Hopeless, Dennis - Avengers Arena, vol 1: Kill or Die
Hopkins, Ellen - Tricks
Horton, Lesley - Förbjuden mark
Howard, A.G. - Splintered 
Howard, A.G. - Unhinged 
Howard, A.G. - Ensnared
Howard, Kat - Roses and Rot
Howe, Katherine - Conversion
Hunter, C.C. - Born at Midnight
Hunter, C.C. - Awake at Dawn
Hunter, C.C. - Taken at Dusk
Hunter, C.C. - Whispers at Moonrise
Hunter, C.C. - Chosen at Nightfall
Hunter, C.C. - Reborn 
Hunter, C.C. - Eternal 
Hunter, C.C. - Unspoken 
Hunter, C.C. - Midnight Hour


Jackson, Corrine - Touched
Jackson, Corrine - Pushed
Jackson, Corrine - Ignited
Jackson, Corrine - If I Lie
Jackson, Lisa - Dolda hemligheter
Jackson, Lisa - Viskningar
Jackson, Lisa - Sista skriket
Jackson, Lisa - Brännmärkt
Jackson, Lisa - När mörkret faller
Jackson, Lisa - Kall som is
Jackson, Lisa - Nattspinnaren
Jackson, Lisa - Gravplundraren
Jackson, Lisa - Hett Blod
Jackson, Lisa - Kallt Blod
Jackson, Lisa - Rysningen
Jackson, Lisa - Skräcknatt
Jackson, Lisa - Lost Souls
Jackson, Lisa - Malice
Jae, Ava - Beyond the Red
James, Peter - Levande begravd
James, Peter - Ett snyggt lik
James, Peter - Långt ifrån död
James, Peter - Död mans fotspår
Jameson, Jenna - Att älska som en porrstjärna
Jensen, Danielle L. - Stolen Songbird
Jordan, Sophie - Uninvited


Kade, Stacey - The Ghost and the Goth
Kade, Stacey - The Rules
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron King
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Daughter
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Queen
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Knight
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Legends
Kagawa, Julie - The Lost Prince
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Traitor 
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Warrior 
Kagawa, Julie - The Immortal Rules
Kagawa, Julie - The Eternity Cure 
Kagawa, Julie - The Forever Song 
Kagawa, Julie - Talon 
Kahaney, Amelia - The Brokenhearted
Kahn, Lo - Dans för en död prinsessa
Kaufman, Amie & Spooner, Meagan - These Broken Stars
Kaufman, Amie & Spooner, Meagan - This Shattered World
Kaufman, Amie & Spooner, Meagan - Their Fractured Light
Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay - Illuminae 
Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay - Gemina 
Keeble, Helen - Fang Girl 
Keeble, Helen - No Angel
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och mysteriet Hilton 
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och de mystiska fotspåren
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och det hemliga rummet
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och spindelns nät
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och herrgårdens gåta
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och det mystiska x-et
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och tornspöket
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och den magiska ringen
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och den svarta blomman
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och prinsens gåta
Keene, Carolyn - Mary, Lou och marmortigern
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och ruinens hemlighet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och koffertens hemlighet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty i det öde huset
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och den försvunna skattsökarkartan
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och det mystiska juvelskrinet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och spöket på stora skuggan
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och spökvagnen
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och ödeslottets hemlighet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty hittar en skatt
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och fallet i Venedig
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och det gamla porträttet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och golfmysteriet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och videomystriet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och den försvunna arvtagerskan
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och värdshusets gåta
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty på farlig jakt
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och söderhavsmysteriet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och grannflickans hemlighet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och det falska brevet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och mysteriet på akvariet
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty, prinsen och målningen
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och jakten i skräckhuset
Keene, Carolyn - Kitty och nyhetsmysteriet
Kellerman, Jonathan - Monstret
Kellerman, Jonathan - Doktor Död
Kellerman, Jonathan - Blodsband
Kellerman, Jonathan - Mordboken
Kelsey, Saruuh - The Forgotten
Kelsey, Saruuh - The Beast of Callaire 
Kelly, Nikki - Lailah
Kemmerer, Brigid - Storm 
Kemmerer, Brigid - Spark
Kemmerer, Brigid - Spirit 
Kemmerer, Brigid - Secret 
Kemmerer, Brigid - Sacrifice
Kenneally, Miranda - Catching Jordan
Kenneally, Miranda - Stealing Parker
Kenneally, Miranda - Things I Can't Forget 
Kenneally, Miranda - Racing Savannah 
Kenneally, Miranda - Breathe, Annie, Breathe
Kenneally, Miranda - Jesse's Girl
Kenneally, Miranda - Defending Taylor   
Keplinger, Kody - The Duff 
Keplinger, Kody - Shut Out
Keplinger, Kody - A Midsummer's Nightmare
Keplinger, Kody - Lying Out Load
Keplinger, Kody - Run
Keyes, Marian - Vattenmelonen
Keyes, Marian - En oväntad semester
Keyes, Marian -När Lucy Sullivan skulle gifta sig
Keyes, Marian - Sista chansen
Keyes, Marian - Sushi för nybörjare
Keyes, Marian - Änglar
Keyes, Marian - Å andra sidan
Keyes, Marian - Är det någon där?
Keyes, Marian - En förtjusande man
Keyes, Marian - Tankar från sängkanten
Khoury, Jessica - Origin
King, A.S. - Please Ignore Vera Dietz 
King, A.S. - Ask the Passengers
King, A.S. - Reality Boy 
King, A.S. - Glory O'Brien's History of the Future
King, Stephen - Carrie  
King, Stephen - Christine del 1 
King, Stephen - Christine del 2 
King, Stephen - Jurtjyrkogården  
King, Stephen - Det del 1  
King, Stephen - Det del 2
King, Stephen - Lida 
King, Stephen - Sömnlös
King, Stephen - Drömfångare  
King, Stephen - Under Kupolen
Kinsella, Sophie - En shopaholics bekännelser
Kinsella, Sophie - En shopaholic i New York
Kinsella, Sophie - En shopaholic säger ja 
Kinsella, Sophie - En shopaholic får en syster  
Kinsella, Sophie - Mina hemligheter 
Kinsella, Sophie - Karriär & Köksbesvär 
Kinsella, Sophie - Mitt nya jag
Kizer, Amber - Meridian
Koontz, Dean - Viskningar 
Koontz, Dean - Nattens ögon
Koontz, Dean - Vintermåne
Koontz, Dean - Psykopaten
Kova, Elise - Air Awakens
Kress, Adrienne - The Friday Society 
Kress, Adrienne - Outcast
Krisp, Caleb - Vem som helst utom Ivy Pocket
Krisp, Caleb - Någon måste stoppa Ivy Pocket
Kristoff, Jay - Stormdancer 
Kristoff, Jay - Kinslayer 
Kristoff, Jay - Endsinger
Kristoff, Jay - Nevernight
Krokos, Dan - False Memory
Krokos, Dan - False Sight
Krokos, Dan - False Future
Krys, Michelle - Hexed
Krys, Michelle - Charmed
Kuehn, Stephanie - Charm & Strange
Kuehn, Stephanie - Complicit
Kurtagich, Dawn - The Dead House
Kurtagich, Dawn - And the Trees Crept In


L'Engle, Madeleine - Ett veck i tiden
LaCour, Nina - Hold Still
LaCour, Nina - Everything Leads to You
LaFevers, Robin - Grave Mercy
LaFevers, Robin - Dark Triumph
LaFevers, Robin - Mortal Heart
Landers, Melissa - Alienated
Landers, Melissa - Invaded
Landers, Melissa - United
Landers, Melissa - Starflight
Landers, Melissa - Starfall
Landy, Derek - Skulduggery Pleasant
Landy, Derek - Playing with Fire
Landy, Derek - The Faceless Ones
Landy, Derek - The Last Stand of Dead Men
Landy, Derek - Demon Road
Landy, Derek - Desolation
Landy, Derek - American Monsters
Leaf, Munro & Lawson, Robert - Tjuren Ferdinand
Leaver, Trisha - The Secrets We Keep
Leaver, Trisha & Currie, Lindsay - Creed
Lee, Lori M. - Gates of Thread and Stone
Lee, Lori M. - The Infinite
Lee, Stacey - Under a Painted Sky
Legrand, Claire - The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls
Legrand, Claire - Winterspell 
Liggett, Kim - Blood and Salt
Liggett, Kim - The Last Harvest
Lindblom, Fredrik - Röd skymning 
Lindblom, Fredrik - Dödens trubadur
Lindqvist, John Ajvide - Låt den rätte komma in
Lindsey, Mary - Ashes on the Waves
Livingston, Lesley - The Valiant
Liu, Marjorie - Monstress
Ljungwall, Sonya - Hobbyguiden 
Lloyd-Jones, Emily - Illusive 
Lloyd-Jones, Emily - Deceptive 
Lockhart, E. - The Boyfriend List
Lockhart, E. - The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks 
Lockhart, E. - We Were Liars
Long, Ruth Frances - The Treachery of Beautiful Things 
Longo, Jennifer - Six Feet Over It
Lords, Traci - Nattens barn
Lore, Pittacus - I Am Number Four
Lore, Pittacus - The Power of Six
Lore, Pittacus - The Rise of Nine 
Lore, Pittacus - The Fall of Five
Lore, Pittacus - The Revenge of Seven
Lore, Pittacus, The Fate of Ten  
Lore, Pittacus - United as One
Lu, Marie - Legend
Lu, Marie - Prodigy
Lu, Marie - Champion 
Lu, Marie - The Young Elites
Lu, Marie - The Rose Society
Lu, Marie - The Midnight Star
Lukavics, Amy - Daughters unto Devils
Lunetta, Demitria - In the After
Lunetta, Demitria - In the End
Lyga, Barry - I Hunt Killers
Lyga, Barry - Game
Lyga, Barry - Blood of my Blood
Lynn, J. - Frigid


Maas, Sarah J. - The Assasin's Blade
Maas, Sarah J. - Throne of Glass
Maas, Sarah J. - Crown of Midnight
Maas, Sarah J. - Heir of Fire
Maas, Sarah J. - Queen of Shadows
Maas, Sarah J. - Empire of Storms
Maas, Sarah J. - A Court of Thorns and Roses
Maas, Sarah J. - A Court of Mist and Fury
Maas, Sarah J. - Glastronen (inbunden)
Maas, Sarah J. - Glastronen (pocket)
Maberry, Jonathan - Rot & Ruin 
Maberry, Jonathan - Dust & Decay
Maberry, Jonathan - Flesh & Bone 
Maberry Jonathan - Fire & Ash
Mabry, Samantha - A Fierce and Subtle Poison
Mafi, Tahereh - Shatter Me
Mafi, Tahereh - Unravel Me 
Mafi, Tahereh - Ignite Me
Mafi, Tahereh - Furthermore
Mancusi, Mari - Scorched
Maniscalco, Kerri - Stalking Jack the Ripper
Manson, Marilyn - Den långa vägen ut ur helvetet
Marchetta, Melina - Jellicoe Road (signerad)
Marchetta, Melina - Jellicoe Road
Marchetta, Melina - Saving Francesca
Marchetta, Melina - The Piper's Son
Marchetta, Melina - Finnikin of the Rock
Marchetta, Melina - Froi of the Exiles
Marchetta, Melina - Quintana of Charyn
Marks, Daniel - Velveteen
Marr, Shirley - Fury
Marsden, John - Imorgon när kriget kom
Marsden, John - När natten är som mörkast
Marsden, John - Den tredje dagens kyla
Marsden, John - Nu är mörkrets tid
Marsden, John - Så grydde hämndens timme
Marsden, John - I skymningens land
Marsden, John - På andra sidan gryningen
Marsden, John - Ellie: Vingar som bär
Martin, George R.R. - A Game of Thrones 
Martin, George R.R. - A Clash of Kings
Martin, George R.R. - A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow 
Martin, George R.R. - A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold
Matharu, Taran - The Novice
Matharu, Taran - The Inquisition

Matson, Lynne - Nil
Matson, Morgan - Fyra dagar, fyra nätter
Matson, Morgan - Since You've Been Gone
Matson, Morgan - The Unexpected Everything
Matthews, John - Sista beviset
May, Elizabeth - The Falconer
McBride, Kristina - One Moment 
McCarry, Sarah - All Our Pretty Songs
McCarry, Sarah - Dirty Wings
McCarry, Sarah - About a Girl 
McCulloch, Amy - The Oathbreaker's Shadow
McCullough, Kelly - School for Sidekicks 
McGarry, Katie - Pushing the Limits
McGarry, Katie - Dare You To
McGarry, Katie - Crash Into You
McGinnis, Mindy - Not a Drop to Drink 
McGinnis, Mindy - In a Handful of Dust
McGinnis, Mindy - A Madness So Discreet
McGinnis, Mindy - The Female of the Species
McGowan, Jennifer - Maid of Secrets
 McGuire, Jamie - Beautiful Disaster 
McMann, Lisa - The Unwanteds
McMann, Lisa - Island of Silence
McMann, Lisa - Island of Fire 
McNeil, Gretchen - Possess
McNeil, Gretchen - Ten 
Mead, Richelle -  Vampire Academy
Mead, Richelle - Frostbite
Mead, Richelle - Shadow Kiss
Mead, Richelle - Blood Promise
Mead, Richelle - Spirit Bound 
Mead, Richelle - Last Sacrifice
Mead, Richelle - Bloodlines
Mead, Richelle - The Golden Lily
Mead, Richelle - The Indigo Spell
Mead, Richelle - The Fiery Heart 
Mead, Richelle - Silver Shadows 
Mead, Richelle - The Ruby Circle
Mead, Richelle - The Glittering Court 
Meadows, Jodi - Incarnate
Meadows, Jodi - Asunder 
Meadows, Jodi - Infinite
Meadows, Jodi - The Orphan Queen
Meadows, Jodi - The Mirror King
Messenger, Shannon - Keeper of the Lost Cities
Messenger, Shannon - Exile
Messenger, Shannon - Everblaze
Messenger, Shannon - Neverseen
Messenger, Shannon - Lodestar
Messenger, Shannon - Let the Sky Fall 
Meyer, Marissa - Cinder
Meyer, Marissa - Scarlet
Meyer, Marissa - Cress 
Meyer, Marissa - Fairest
Meyer, Marissa - Winter 
Meyer, Marissa - Stars Above
Meyer, Marissa - Heartless
Meyer, Stephenie -Twilight
Meyer, Stephenie - New Moon
Meyer, Stephenie - Eclipse
Meyer, Stephenie - Breaking Dawn
Meyer, Stephenie - The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
Meyer, Stephenie - Twilight Tenth Anniversary: Life and Death Dual Edition
Meyer, Stephenie - Om jag kunde drömma
Meyer, Stephenie - När jag hör din röst
Meyer, Stephenie - Ljudet av ditt hjärta
Meyer, Stephenie - Så länge vi båda andas
Meyer, Stephenie - Twilightsagan: den officiella illustrerade guiden
Meyer, Stephenie - Genom dina ögon
Michaelis, Antonia - Sagoberättaren
Millan, Cesar - Cesar's Way
Millan, Cesar - Ledarskap med Cesar
Miller, Leah Rae - The Summer I Became a Nerd
Miller, Leah Rae - Romancing the Nerd
Miranda, Megan - Fracture
Miranda, Megan - Vengeance
Miranda, Megan - Hysteria
Miranda Megan - The Safest Lies
Miranda, Megan - All the Missing Girls
Modesto, Michelle - Revenge and the Wild
Monir, Alexandra - Suspicion
Montanari, Richard - En sista bön
Montanari, Richard - Dödsscen
Montanari, Richard - Villebråd
Moore, Jane - Fyra i leken
Moore, Peter - V is for Villain
Morgan, Kass - The 100
Morgan, Page - The Beautiful and the Cursed
Morgenstern, Erin - The Night Circus
Morrill, Lauren - Being Sloane Jacobs
Morrison, Grant: Batman: Arkham Asylum - A Serious House on Serious Earth
Morrison, Helen - My life among the serial killers
Moulton, Courtney Allison - Angelfire
Moulton, Courtney Allison - Wings of the Wicked 
Moulton, Courtney Allison - Shadows in the Silence
Moyer, Jenny - Flashfall
Mull, Brandon - Fablehaven
Mull, Brandon - Rise of the Evening Star
Mull, Brandon - Grip of the Shadow Plague
Mull, Brandon - Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary
Mull, Brandon - Keys to the Demon Prison
Mull, Brandon - A World Without Heroes
Mull, Brandon - Seeds of Rebellion
Mull, Brandon - Chasing the Prophecy 
Murdoch, Emily - If You Find Me
Murphy, Julie - Dumplin'       
Mötley Crue & Strauss, Neil - The Dirt: bekännelser från världens mest ökända rockband

Nelson, Jandy - I'll Give You the Sun
Ness, Patrick - More Than This 
Ness, Patrick - The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Nielsen, Jennifer A. - The False Prince
Nielsen, Jennifer A. - The Runaway King
Nielsen, Jennifer A. - The Shadow Throne
Niven, Jennifer - All the Bright Places
Nordqvist, Jesper - Folk och väsen i skog och rymd  
North, Phoebe - Starglass
Novik, Naomi - Uprooted
Nozlin, Annah - En av de sista 
Nozlin, Annah -Splittrade skärvor
Nozlin, Annah - Skugga över månen 
Nozlin, Annah -Det nästan döda trädet


Oliver, Lauren - Before I Fall
Oliver, Lauren - Delirium
Oliver, Lauren - Pandemonium
Oliver, Lauren - Requiem
Oliver, Lauren - Delirium Stories
Oliver, Lauren - Panic
Oliver, Lauren - Vanishing Girls
Oliver, Lauren - Replica
Oliver, Lauren - The Spindlers
Oliver, Lauren & Chester, H.C. - The Shrunken Head
Olsen, Mary-Kate & Olsen, Ashley - Influence
O'Neill, Louise - Only Ever Yours
Oppel, Kenneth - This Dark Endevour 
Ormiston, Rosalind & Robinson, Michael - Art Nouveau
Osbourne, Ozzy - Jag är Ozzy
Oseman, Alice - Solitaire


Parker, Natalie C. - Beware the Wild
Peacock, Kathleen - Hemlock
Pearce, Bryony - Angel's Fury
Pearce, Bryony - The Weight of Souls
Pearce, Jackson & Stiefvater, Maggie - Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures
Pearson, Mary E. - The Kiss of Deception 
Pearson, Mary E. - The Heart of Betrayal
Pearson, Mary E. - The Beauty of Darkness
Pelzer, Dave - Pojken som kallades Det
Pelzer, Dave - Pojken som inte fanns
Pelzer, Dave - Pojken som överlevde
Perkins, Stephanie - Anna and the French Kiss
Perkins, Stephanie - Lola and the Boy Next Door
Perkins, Stephanie - Isla and the Happily Ever After 
Petty, Heather W. - Lock & Mori
Philbin, Tom - The Killer Book of Serial Killers
Pierres, Marianne de - Burn Bright
Pierres, Marianne de - Angel Arias
Pierres, Marianne de - Shine Light
Poe, Edgar Allan, Basic, Zdenko & Sumberac, Manuel - Steampunk Poe
Porter, Sarah - Vassa in the Night
Poznanski, Ursula - Sammansvärjningen
Pratchett, Terry & Gaiman, Neil - Goda Omen
Purdie, Kathryn - Burning Glass
Pålsson, Berny - Vingklippt ängel
Pålsson, Berny - Känn pulsen slå


Quinn, Kate Karyus - Another Little Piece
Quinn, Kate Karyus - (Don't You) Forget About Me
Quinn, Kate Karyus - Down with the Shine


Raasch, Sara - Snow Like Ashes
Raasch, Sara - Ice Like Fire
Raasch, Sara - Frost Like Night
Raeder, Leah - Black Iris
Raeder, Leah - Cam Girl
Redmond, Patrick - Händelser på Kirkston Abbey
Reeves, Dia - Bleeding Violet
Reeves, Dia - Slice of Cherry
Revis, Beth - Across the Universe
Revis, Beth - A Million Suns
Revis, Beth - Shades of Earth 
Revis, Beth - The Body Electric
Rhodes, Morgan - Falling Kingdoms
Rhodes, Morgan - Rebel Spring 
Rhodes, Morgan - Gathering Darkness
Rhodes, Morgan - Frozen Tides 
Rhodes, Morgan - Crystal Storm
Rhodes, Morgan - A Book of Spirits and Thieves
Richards, Elizabeth - Black City
Richards, Elizabeth - Phoenix 
Richards, Elizabeth - Wings 
Riggs, Ransom - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Riggs, Ransom - Hollow City
Riggs, Ransom - Library of Souls
Riordan, Rick - The Lightning Thief
Riordan, Rick - The Sea of Monsters
Riordan, Rick - The Titan's Curse
Riordan, Rick - The Battle of the Labyrinth
Riordan, Rick - The Last Olympian
Riordan, Rick - Den röda pyramiden
Riordan, Rick - Eldtronen
Riordan, Rick - Ormens skugga
Riordan, Rick - The Lost Hero
Riordan, Rick - The Son of Neptune
Riordan, Rick - The Mark of Athena
Riordan, Rick - The House of Hades
Riordan, Rick - The Blood Of Olympus
Riordan, Rick - Demigods and Magicians
Riordan, Rick - The Hidden Oracle 
Riordan, Rick - The Sword of Summer
Riordan, Rick - The Hammer of Thor
Roberts, Nora - Skuggor från det förflutna
Roberts, Nora - Mördande hetta
Roberts, Nora - Livsfarlig utsikt
Roberts, Nora - Begravt i glömska
Roberts, Nora - Dödligt villospår
Roberts, Jeyn - Dark Inside
Rollins, Danielle - Burning
Rossi, Veronica - Under the Never Sky
Rossi, Veronica - Through the Ever Night
Rossi, Veronica - Into the Still Blue
Rossi, Veronica - Riders
Roth, Veronica - Divergent
Roth, Veronica - Insurgent
Roth, Veronica - Allegiant
Roth, Veronica - Carve the Mark
Rothfuss, Patrick - The Name of the Wind
Roux, Madeleine - Asylum
Rowell, Rainbow - Eleanor & Park 
Rowell, Rainbow - Fangirl
Rowell, Rainbow - Carry On
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter och De Vises Sten
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter och Hemligheternas Kammare
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter och Fången Från Azkaban
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter och den Flammande Bägaren
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter och Fenixordern
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter och Halvblodsprinsen
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter och Dödsrelikerna
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter boxen, de nya amerikanska omslagen
Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Ruby, Laura - Bone Gap
Rudden, Dave - Det lånade mökrets riddare 
Rundell, Katherine - The Wolf Wilder
Rush, Jennifer - Altered
Rush, Jennifer - Erased
Rutkoski, Marie - The Winner's Curse
Rutkoski, Marie - The Winner's Crime
Rutkoski, Marie - The Winner's Kiss
Ryan, Carrie - The Forest of Hands and Teeth    


Sáenz, Benjamin Alire - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 
Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de - Den Lille Prinsen
Salisbury, Melinda - The Sin Eater's Daughter 
Salisbury, Melinda - The Sleeping Prince
Sanderson, Brandon - Steelheart 
Sanderson, Brandon - Firefight
Sanderson, Brandon - Calamity
Sanderson, Brandon - Sista Riket
Sanderson, Brandon - Uppstigningens Brunn del 1
Sanderson, Brandon - Uppstigningens Brunn del 2
Sanderson, Brandon - The Rithmatist
Savage, Kim - After the Woods
Savage, Kim - Beautiful Broken Girls 
Schroeder, Lisa - Falling For You
Schwab, Victoria - The Archived
Schwab, Victoria - This Savage Song
Schwab, V.E. - Vicious 
Schwab, V.E. - A Darker Shade of Magic
Schwab, V.E. - A Gathering of Shadows
Schwab, V.E. - A Conjuring of Light 
Scott, Victoria - Fire & Flood 
Scott, Victoria - Hear the Wolves
Scottoline, Lisa - Sanningens ögonblick
Scottoline, Lisa - En hotad kvinna
Sedgwick, Marcus - She Is Not Invisible
Shakespeare, William - Hamlet
Shelley, Mary - Frankenstein
Shepherd, Megan - The Madman's Daughter 
Shepherd, Megan - Her Dark Curiosity 
Shepherd, Megan - A Cold Legacy
Shepherd, Megan - The Cage
Showalter, Gena - Alice in Zombieland
Showalter, Gena - Through the Zombie Glass 
Showalter, Gena - The Queen of Zombie Hearts 
Shusterman, Neal - Unwind
Shusterman, Neal - UnWholly
Shusterman, Neal -UnSouled
Shusterman, Neal - UnDivided
Shusterman, Neal - UnBound
Shusterman, Neal - Everlost
Shusterman, Neal - Everwild
Shusterman, Neal - Everfound 
Shusterman, Neal - Challenger Deep
Shusterman, Neal - Scythe
Sigler, Scott - Alive
Sigler, Scott - Alight 
Simmons, Kristen - Article 5
Simmons, Kristen - Breaking Point 
Simmons, Kristen - Three 
Simmons, Kristen - The Glass Arrow
Simmons, Kristen - Metaltown
Simone, Gail - Batgirl vol 1: The Darkest Reflection 
Sirowy, Alexandra - The Creeping
Sirowy, Alexandra - The Telling
Skye, Evelyn - The Crown's Game
Slaughter, Karin - Hjärtslag
Slaughter, Karin - Kall blek fruktan
Smith, Alexander Gordon - Lockdown
Smith, Alexander Gordon - Solitary
Smith, Alexander Gordon - Death Sentence
Smith, Alexander Gordon - Fugitives
Smith, Alexander Gordon - Execution
Smith, Alexander Gordon - Hellraisers
Smith, Andrew - Winger
Smith, Andrew - Grasshopper Jungle
Smith, Andrew - The Alex Crow 
Smith, Jennifer E. - The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight 
Smith, Jennifer E. - This is What Happy Looks Like
Smith, Lindsay - Dreamstrider
Snyder, Maria V. - Poison Study
Snyder, Maria V.  - Magic Study
Snyder, Maria V. - Fire Study  
Snyder, Maria V. - Storm Glass
Snyder, Maria V. - Sea Glass
Snyder, Maria V. - Spy Glass
Snyder, Maria V. - Shadow Study
Snyder, Maria V. - Night Study
Snyder, Maria V. - Dawn Study
Snyder, Maria V. - Touch of Power
Snyder, Maria V. - Scent of Magic 
Snyder, Maria V. - Taste of Darkness  
Spooner, Meagan - Skylark
Spooner, Meagan - Hunted
Spotswood, Jessica - Born Wicked
Spungen, Deborah - Inte som andra döttrar
Stasse, Lisa M. - The Forsaken
Stasse, Lisa M. - The Uprising
Stephens, John - Smaragdernas bok
Stephens, John - Rubinernas bok
Stephens, John - Sista stridens bok
Stevenson, Noelle - Nimona 
Stevenson, Robert Louis - Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Stiefvater, Maggie - Shiver
Stiefvater, Maggie - Linger
Stiefvater, Maggie - Forever
Stiefvater, Maggie - Sinner
Stiefvater, Maggie - The Scorpio Races
Stiefvater, Maggie - The Raven Boys
Stiefvater, Maggie - The Dream Thieves
Stiefvater, Maggie - Blue Lily, Lily Blue 
Stiefvater, Maggie - The Raven King
Stiefvater, Maggie - Lament
Stohl, Margaret - Icons 
Stohl, Margaret - Idols
Stohl, Margaret - Black Widow: Forever Red
Stohl, Margaret - Black Widow: Red Vengenace
Stoker, Bram - Dracula
Stroud, Jonathan - The Amulet of Samarkand
Stroud, Jonathan - The Screaming Staircase
Sugg, Zoe - Girl, Online 
Suma, Nova Ren - Imaginary Girls 
Suma, Nova Ren - 17 and Gone 
Suma, Nova Ren - The Walls Around Us
Summerill, Erin - Ever the Hunted
Summers, Courtney - Cracked Up to Be
Summers, Courtney - Some Girls Are
Summers, Courtney - Fall For Anything
Summers, Courtney - This Is Not a Test
Summers, Courtney - All the Rage 
Säfström, Elin - En väktares bekännelser


Tahir, Sabaa - An Ember in the Ashes
Tahir, Sabaa - A Torch Against the Night
Talley, Robin - Lies We Tell Ourselves 
Talley, Robin - As I Descended 
Talley, Robin - Our Own Private Universe
Tartt, Donna - Den hemliga historien 
Taylor, Kara - Prep School Confidential
Taylor, Laini - Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Taylor, Laini - Days of Blood and Starlight
Taylor, Laini - Dreams of Gods and Monsters
Taylor, Laini - Strange the Dreamer
Terrill, Cristin - All Our Yesterdays
Thomas, Rob & Graham, Jennifer - The Thousand Dollar Tan Line
Thomas, Rob & Graham, Jennifer - Mr Kiss and Tell 
Thomas, Sherry - The Burning Sky
Thomas, Sherry - The Perilous Sea
Thomas, Sherry - The Immortal Heights
Tims, Laura - Please Don't Tell
Tintera, Amy - Reboot
Tintera, Amy - Rebel
Tintera, Amy - Ruined 
Tucholke, April Genevieve - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Tucholke, April Genevieve - Between the Spark and the Burn
Tucholke, April Genevieve - Wink Poppy Midnight
Tucholke, April Genevieve mfl. - Slasher Girls and Monster Boys 


Vail, Michele - Undeadly
Vail, Michele - Unchosen
Vaughan, Brian K. - Saga, vol 1
Vega, Danielle - The Merciless
Vega, Danielle - Survive the Night  
Vincent, Rachel -Soul Screamers vol 1
Vincent, Rachel - My Soul to Keep
Vincent, Rachel - My Soul to Steal
Vincent, Rachel - If I Die
Vincent, Rachel - Before I Wake
Vincent, Rachel - With All My Soul
Vincent, Rachel - The Stars Never Rise 
Vivian, Siobhan - The List
Vizzini, Ned - It's Kind of a Funny Story


Wallace, Becky - The Storyspinner
Wallace, Becky - The Skylighter
Wallace, Kali - Shallow Graves
Walton, Leslye - The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender
Warga, Jasmine - My Heart and Other Black Holes
Wasserman, Robin - The Book of Blood and Shadow
Waugh, Sandra - Lark Rising
Webber, Tammara - Easy
Wein, Elizabeth - Kodnamn Verity
Wein, Elizabeth - Rose Under Fire
Weir, Andy - Ensam på Mars
Weisberger, Lauren - Djävulen bär Prada
Wells, Dan - I Am Not a Serial Killer
Wells, Dan - Partials
Wells, Dan - Fragments
Wells, Dan - Ruins
Wells, H.G. - The Time Machine
West, Carly Anne - The Bargaining
West, Kasie - Pivot Point
West, Kasie - Split Second
West, Kasie - The Distance Between Us
West, Kasie - On the Fence 
West, Kasie - The Fill-In Boyfriend
West, Kasie - P.S. I Like You
West, Kasie - By Your Side
Westerfeld, Scott - Uglies
Westerfeld, Scott - Pretties
Westerfeld, Scott - Specials
Westerfeld, Scott - Extras
Westerfeld, Scott - Leviathan
Westerfeld, Scott - Behemoth 
Westerfeld, Scott - Goliath
Whedon, Joss - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol 1
White, Kiersten - Paranormalcy
White, Kiersten - Supernaturally
White, Kiersten - Endlessly
White, Kiersten - Mind Games
White, Kiersten - Perfect Lies 
White, Kiersten - Illusions of Fate
White, Kiersten - And I Darken
Wilde, Oscar - Dorian Grays porträtt
Winters, Cat - In the Shadow of Blackbirds
Winters, Cat - The Cure for Dreaming 
Winters, Cat - The Steep and Thorny Way
Wolf, Jennifer Shaw - Dead Girls Don't Lie
Wood, Laura - Poppy Pym & Faraos förbannelse


Yancey, Rick - The 5th Wave
Yancey, Rick - The Infinite Sea
Yancey, Rick - The Last Star
Yancey, Rick - Monstrumologen
Yancey, Rick - Wendigons förbannelse
Young, Moira - Blood Red Road
Young, Moira - Rebel Heart
Young, Moira - Raging Star
Young, Skottie - I Hate Fairyland, vol 1: Madly Ever After 
Young, Suzanne - The Program
Young, Suzanne - The Treatment
Yovanoff, Brenna - The Replacement
Yovanoff, Brenna - The Space Between
Yovanoff, Brenna - Paper Valentine
Yovanoff, Brenna - Fiendish


Zappia, Francesca - Made You Up
Zhang, Amy - Falling Into Place
Zhang, Amy - This Is Where the World Ends
Zinn, Bridget - Poison
Zola, Émile - Thérèse Raquin
Zusak, Markus - The Book Thief 


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  1. Har du ELPHAMES VAL jag har sökt efter denna med lampa och lykta men kan ej hitta den hade varit tacksam för svar.

    1. Ja, det har jag, har fått den från Harlequin för nåt år sedan. Den är helt oläst och om du betalar frakten så kan du få den om du vill. :)

  2. Jag har letat land o rike kring efter John Marsdens bok Ellie: Vingar som bär"...

    Säljer du? Pris?

    Jens Kåregren


    1. Hej!

      Nej, tyvärr så vill jag inte sälja den. Brukar du kolla på www.bokborsen.se? Jag vet att jag har sett den där tidigare.
      Lycka till, jag hoppas du hittar ett ex. :)

  3. Såg att du har tre ex av jellicoe road. Är nån av dom på svenska som du kan tänka dig att kanske byta bort ev. Sälja? :)

    1. Ah, tyvärr så är alla på engelska. :/

    2. Haha, får jag fråga hur du kan ha tre av samma bok på engelska? :) är engelskan lättläst i den?

    3. Haha, ja det var så här.. Först hade jag ett paperback exemplar som jag lånade ut till min syster som sedan begick dödssynden att bryta ryggen på den. ;) Sen skulle jag åka på Melina Marchetta träffen och beställde därför ett inbundet ex som jag ville att hon skulle signera. Den inbundna boken hann inte komma innan besöket, så jag var tvungen att köpa en till paperback, en som var ny och fin, så jag kunde få den signerad. Därav mina 3 ex.. :D

      Jag tycker inte att engelskan är svårläst, men visst är den aningen avancerad.. :)

  4. Hej!
    Jag undra om du har någon bok som du är villig att sälja eller byta bort. Om du är det skulle jag gärna vilja veta vilka. skicka gärna svaret till: linn04@live.com

    1. Jag ska fundera på saken, men som det ser ut nu så tror jag inte det. Hade tänkt sortera bokhyllorna någon dag dock, så hör av mig om jag hittar något. :)